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What does :host /deep/ selector mean?

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Please explain in a straightforward way what :host /deep/ means:

:host /deep/ .ui-autocomplete {
  width: 85%;

1 Answer

  1. It is used to allow styling child components when using emulated view encapsulation.

    More about this can be found here:

    Btw /deep/ selector is now deprecated:

    The shadow-piercing descendant combinator is deprecated and support is being removed from major browsers and tools. As such we plan to drop support in Angular (for all 3 of /deep/, >>> and ::ng-deep). Until then ::ng-deep should be preferred for a broader compatibility with the tools.

    :host is used to address the hosting element – that is the one that you use to add the component somewhere (e.g. <app-component>).

    Use the :host pseudo-class selector to target styles in the element that hosts the component (as opposed to targeting elements inside the component’s template).

    So the selector :host /deep/ .ui-autocomplete means “on current hosting element, go deep (search in child components too) and look for elements with class ui-autocomplete.

    Here is some additional information about the view encapsulation feature:

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