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Regarding installing SciPy from PyCharm

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I have been trying to install SciPy in PyCharm on Windows 7. But the installation process failed with the following error message.

Enter image description here

Then I followed the steps listed in install Python package with .whl file,

pip install wheel
pip install some-package.whl

The installation process was successful. However, I still cannot find the SciPy package from PyCharm.

Enter image description here


1 Answer

  1. If you’ve gotten over the NumPy/wheel issues in installing SciPy on Windows 7, then this is a relatively quick fix. In short, you need to add the path where SciPy lives (only a few subfolders away from Python). You can see a general summary of adding paths in PyCharm here.

    Open a Python Interpreter where you can open SciPy.

    >> import scipy
    >> scipy.__file__

    Here is what my path looked like:


    So, SciPy is installed in Continuum, whereas Python lives in its own directory. The default interpreter paths in PyCharm look in the Python directory, shown below:


    To fix this, open PyCharm and head to menu FileSettingsProject Interpreter. Open the ProjectInterprets, and there is a small button on the right side labelled “show paths”. I added my path up to SciPy:


    Go ahead and add your path here, and you should be good to go!

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