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How to suppress the “Avoid using bundled version of Google Play services SDK” warning?

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I’m using the Google Play services in my Android app so I have the dependency in my build.gradle.

compile ''

But Android Studio shows a warning for it: Avoid using bundled version of Google Play services SDK.

Android warning

What does this warning mean? How should I avoid it? I’ve googled a lot without finding much related info.

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  1. In versions of Google Play services prior to 6.5, you had to compile the entire package of APIs into your app. In some cases, doing so made it more difficult to keep the number of methods in your app (including framework APIs, library methods, and your own code) under the 65,536 limit. From version 6.5, you can instead selectively compile Google Play service APIs into your app

    inside compile contains alot of dependencies.. see below.. using play-services may cause dex problem and heavy app. Select only which want do you really depends to 🙂

    EDIT Above version is already deprecated. They use individual versioning. Please refer Link Below

    Google Play Service –
    Firebase –

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