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How do I make a redirect in PHP?

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Is it possible to redirect a user to a different page through the use of PHP?

Say the user goes to and I want to redirect them to, how would I do so without the use of a meta refresh? Is it possible?

This could even protect my pages from unauthorized users.


1 Answer

  1. Use the header() function to send an HTTP Location header:

    header('Location: '.$newURL);

    Contrary to what some think, die() has nothing to do with redirection. Use it only if you want to redirect instead of normal execution.

    File example.php:

        header('Location: static.html');
        $fh = fopen('/tmp/track.txt', 'a');
        fwrite($fh, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . ' ' . date('c') . "\n");

    Result of three executions:

    [email protected]:~> cat /tmp/track.txt 2009-04-21T09:50:02+02:00 2009-04-21T09:50:05+02:00 2009-04-21T09:50:08+02:00

    Resuming — obligatory die()/exit() is some urban legend that has nothing to do with actual PHP. It has nothing to do with client “respecting” the Location: header. Sending a header does not stop PHP execution, regardless of the client used.


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