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How can I update pip in PyCharm when I have two versions of python?

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I have installed Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 on Windows 10. I use python 2.7 in my current PyCharm project and the project’s python interpreter was set to python 2.7. Now I open PyCharm Settings and I want to update my pip of python 2.7.

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The pip version was 8.1.1 and I clicked update, expecting it to be updated to the latest version. However, after it hinted “update successfully”, I noticed that the version of pip was still 8.1.1. Then I realized that PyCharm may use my default pip version in Windows command line–which is the python3.5’s pip.

How to solve this problem? Is it a bug?


1 Answer

  1. To update pip on pycharm:

    1. Open project settings (File > Settings…) (preferences on Mac)
    2. Project > Project Interpreter
    3. Press the + button
    4. Type “pip” in the top search box
    5. In the lower right corner choose “specify version”
    6. Choose your version and press Install Package

    image showing the screen

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