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Failing to import itertools in Python 3.5.2

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I am new to Python. I am trying to import izip_longest from itertools. But I am not able to find the import “itertools” in the preferences in Python interpreter. I am using Python 3.5.2. It gives me the below error-

from itertools import izip_longest
ImportError: cannot import name 'izip_longest'

Please let me know what is the right course of action. I have tried Python 2.7 too and ended up with same problem. Do I need to use lower version Python.


1 Answer

  1. izip_longest was renamed to zip_longest in Python 3 (note, no i at the start), import that instead:

    from itertools import zip_longest

    and use that name in your code.

    If you need to write code that works both on Python 2 and 3, catch the ImportError to try the other name, then rename:

        # Python 3
        from itertools import zip_longest
    except ImportError:
        # Python 2
        from itertools import izip_longest as zip_longest
    # use the name zip_longest
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