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Context In Vue 2.0 the documentation and others clearly indicate that communication from parent to child happens via props. Question How does a parent tell its child an event has happened via props? Should I just watch a prop called event? That doesn’t feel right, ...

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I am using vuex and vuejs 2 together. I am new to vuex, I want to watch a store variable change. I want to add the watch function in my vue component This is what I have so far: import Vue from 'vue'; import { MY_STATE, } from './../../mutation-types';export default { [MY_STATE](state, token) { ...

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I created a project with vue-cli 4.1.1, and after running yarn serve, i got the following error Error: [BABEL] C:devvuestudysrcmain.js: Cannot find module './src/data' (While processing: "C:\dev\vuestudy\node_modules\@vue\cli-plugin-babel\preset.js")Any tips on this? Thanks in advance. UPDATE: Kousha and Dave are right,after waiting for the core-js package ...

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I’m trying to make a simple loop: const parent = this.el.parentElement console.log(parent.children) parent.children.forEach(child => { console.log(child) }) But I get the following error: VM384:53 Uncaught TypeError: parent.children.forEach is not a function Even though parent.children logs:What could be the problem? Note: Here’s a