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I am following Joshua Morony’s Getting Started with Google Maps in Ionic 2 video tutorial. I want to use google maps in my application and i end up with a typescript error. this is a part of the pages/home/home.ts file initMap(){ let latLng= ...

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Just when I think I have the Typings in Typescript under control I come across something that proves the opposite. This time I am trying to use the jwt-decode. I have installed the type definition via the command typings i dt~jwt-decode --save Two ...

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I have Product interface: export interface Product{ code: string; description: string; type: string; } Service with method calling product endpoint: public getProducts(): Observable<Product> { return this.http.get<Product>(`api/products/v1/`); } And component where I use this service to get ...

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I’m trying to build angular2 application for production for that I’m following this blog. After my ngc successful compilation when the tsc compilation takes place it generates below error shown in the image: After searching for a while I found this blog which explains the problem in “The context ...