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Angular 5 Material Spinner is not working app.module.ts import { MatProgressSpinnerModule } from '@angular/material/progress-spinner'; @NgModule({ imports: [ MatProgressSpinnerModule ]})component.ts import { MatSpinner } from '@angular/material';component.html <mat-spinner></mat-spinner>am I missing any configuration.? In Reference, it’s generating an SVG file for Spinner but I ...

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I load the data in my material table like that : ngOnInit(){ return this.annuairesService.getMedecins().subscribe(res => = res);} I want show the spinner when is loading : <mat-spinner ></mat-spinner> I try : showSpinner: boolean = true; ngOnInit(){ return this.annuairesService.getMedecins() .subscribe(res => = res); this.dataSource.subscribe(() => ...