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I executed a update to angular 6. And during ng serve -o I receive error that sass-loader expect node-sass. After run ng serve -o I receive: ERROR in ./src/sass/styles.scss (./node_modules/raw-loader!./node_modules/postcss-loader/lib??embedded!./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js??ref--14-3!./src/sass/styles.scss) Module build failed: Error: `sass-loader` requires `node-sass` >=4. ...

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  I do already have SCSS variables defined in src/styles/settings/_variables.scss and I am importing them into src/styles.scss, but still these variables aren’t available for every single component. Is there any way to make a global file which holds all SCSS variables for the rest of ...

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Apparently the way to declare the default stylesheet extension changed from Angular 6 onwards. The styleExt property in the angular.json is not recognised any longer. For new projects this can be set with an option on the CLI --style=scss on the new command. However, how do you change this for ...

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I’m trying to setup Sass in my Angular 2 project. Basically as I understand there are two ways to create an angular 2 project 1) Using angular-cli ( I referred answer mentioned in & I could successfully use scss files in angular 2 project, everything worked great but I ...