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tl;dr: Basically I want to marry Angular’s ngOnDestroy with the Rxjs takeUntil() operator. — is that possible? I have an Angular component that opens several Rxjs subscriptions. These need to be closed when the component is destroyed. A simple solution for this would be: class myComponent {...

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I am trying to call to a service on input key-up event. The HTML <input placeholder="enter name" (keyup)='onKeyUp($event)'> Below is the onKeyUp() function onKeyUp(event) { let observable = Observable.fromEvent(, 'keyup') .map(value => ...

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My backend frequently returns data as an array inside an RxJS 5 Observable (I’m using Angular 2). I often find myself wanting to process the array items individually with RxJS operators and I do so with the following code (JSBin): const dataFromBackend = Rx.Observable.of([ ...