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I’ve met a problem with re module in Python 3.6.5. I have this pattern in my regular expression: '\nRevision: (d+)\n' But when I run it, I’m getting a DeprecationWarning. I searched for the problem on SO, and haven’t found the answer, actually – what should I ...

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In a Python regular expression, I encounter this singular problem. Could you give instruction on the differences between re.findall('(ab|cd)', string) and re.findall('(ab|cd)+', string)? import restring = 'abcdla' result = re.findall('(ab|cd)', string) result2 = re.findall('(ab|cd)+', string) print(result) print(result2) Actual Output is: ['ab', 'cd'] ['cd'] I’m confused as to why does the second result ...