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I’m trying to add a React map component to my project but run into an error. I’m using Fullstack React’s blog post as a reference. I tracked down where the error gets thrown in google_map.js line 83: function _classCallCheck(instance, Constructor) { ...

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t looks like componentWillReceiveProps is going to be completely phased out in coming releases, in favor of a new lifecycle method getDerivedStateFromProps:static getDerivedStateFromProps(). Upon inspection, it looks like you are now unable to make a direct comparison between this.props and nextProps, like you can in componentWillReceiveProps. Is ...

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Is there a way to incorporate React’s curly brace notation and an href tag? Say we have the following value in the state: {} and the following HTML attributes on a tag: href="#demo1" id="demo1" Is there a way I can add the id state to the HTML attribute to ...

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How do I get the viewport height in ReactJS? In normal JavaScript I use window.innerHeight() but using ReactJS, I’m not sure how to get this information. My understanding is that ReactDOM.findDomNode() only works for components created. However this is not the case for the document or body element, ...

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I create a ReactJS project with the create-react-app package and that worked well, but I cannot find webpack files and configurations. How does react-create-app work with webpack? Where are the webpack configuration files located in a default installation with create-react-app? I’m unable to find ...