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I’ve setup the environment for react native on Windows. But when I run the command react-native run-android I get the following errors – * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. > Failed to notify project evaluation listener. > Could not ...

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I am experiencing a very strange problem in React Native’s WebView with HTML <select> tags on Android tablets. For some reason, tapping on the rendered <select> button does not open the options list. This only happens on Android tablets, irrespective of the Android version. On Android ...

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After creating my React-Native project with the following command : npx react-native init AwesomeProjectWhen I want to run the project with the following command npx react-native run-androidI get the following error : info Running jetifier to migrate libraries to AndroidX. You can disable ...

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When I run “react-native run-android”,it gives me error:”could not connect to development server…”.Package server is running and i can access it directly from browser in mobile device. My android device connected to computer has debugging enabled i checked it using adb ...

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When I am trying to generate android apk by using ./gradlew installRelease, I get this error in console: ~/React-Native/mockingbird/android/app/build/intermediates/res/merged/release/drawable-mdpi-v4/src_resources_img_loading.gif: error: Duplicate file. ~/React-Native/mockingbird/android/app/build/intermediates/res/merged/release/drawable-mdpi/src_resources_img_loading.gif: Original is here. The version qualifier may be implied. I tried Build->Clean Project via Android Studio and ran ./gradlew installRelease again; it didn’t work either. Also, ...