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I am experiencing a very strange problem in React Native’s WebView with HTML <select> tags on Android tablets. For some reason, tapping on the rendered <select> button does not open the options list. This only happens on Android tablets, irrespective of the Android version. On Android ...

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After creating my React-Native project with the following command : npx react-native init AwesomeProjectWhen I want to run the project with the following command npx react-native run-androidI get the following error : info Running jetifier to migrate libraries to AndroidX. You can disable ...

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I just installed node.js & cliinstalled node.js installed react-native-cli npm -g react-native-cliAnd created a ‘new project’. react-native init new_projectand inside that ‘new_project’ directory, I tired to see if metro bundler works well. react-native startBut the command gave me following error and metro is not ...

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react-native run-android command terminates by leaving a message in android simulator. The message is as follows “Unable to load script.Make sure you are either running a Metro server or that your bundle ‘’ is packaged correctly for release.” I’m totally confused what I’m ...

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I’m trying to run my first React Native project for first time on my device (Android 4.2.2). And I get: unable to load script from assets Commands that I used:cd (project directory) react-native start react-native run-android

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I am getting this error after running my App: error: bundling failed: Error: Unable to resolve module react-native-safe-area-context from node_modules/react-navigation-stack/lib/module/vendor/views/Stack/StackView.js: react-native-safe-area-context could not be found within the project. But the same thing I had done for my old demo. It worked perfectly fine. I don’t know ...