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Following the guide: I have tried to install PrimeNG to use with Angular4, following the steps detailed above, but I get the error: 'p-dropdown' is not a known element:I tried to rebuild the projects, as suggested in other posts, but it ...

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I am encountering the error: “Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘@angular/cdk/scrolling'” as soon as I add import TableModule from primeNG in app.module.ts. Could you help understand why this error is thrown? I don’t see any module dependency mentioned in the primeNG ...

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I came across a strange assignment syntax inside an Angular 2 template. <template let-col let-car="rowData" pTemplate="body"> <span [style.color]="car[col.field]">{{car[col.field]}}</span> </template> It appears that let-col and let-car="rowData" create two new variables col and car that can then be bound to inside the template. Source: What is this magical let-* syntax called? How does it ...