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I have a angular application: And now I try to do: npm install But I get this error (The compete Output of the command was way too long, so I just share here the last part): gyp ERR! build error gyp ERR! stack Error: ...

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I am trying to use @angular/materials in my app and it is compiling successfully, however I am getting the following error: webpack: Compiled successfully. ERROR in node_modules/@angular/material/button-toggle/typings/button-toggle.d.ts(136,20): error TS2315: Type 'ElementRef' is not generic. node_modules/@angular/material/button-toggle/typings/button-toggle.d.ts(154,104): error TS2315: Type 'ElementRef' is not generic. node_modules/@angular/material/slide-toggle/typings/slide-toggle.d.ts(53,15): error ...

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I have generated a project using angular-cli by following steps given in installation section. Project is running right now. But i have to open browser manually by typing http://localhost:4200/ into browser. Could it be possible like when user will execute “ng serve” ...