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What I’m trying to do is open a modal from another component, however I keep getting this error TypeError: Cannot create property 'validator' on string 'test1' when component1.html loads because childModal is included. How can I get rid of these errors and implement this properly? component1.html <button type="button" ...

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In my Angular 4 app, let’s assume that I’m inside a service. At some point I want to ask to the user for a confirmation, currently I’m doing it with just a confirm(...) request: const result = confirm('Are you sure?'); what if instead I would ...

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What is the difference between “ng-bootstrap” and “ngx-bootstrap”? Are they related to each other? Or are they simply concurrent implementations? Has someone worked with them both and can give/explain pros and cons of both? With “ng-bootstrap” I mean and with “ngx-bootstrap” I mean