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I have a issue with routing in Angular 2. I call router.navigate from an action into a datatable. The rare is that sometimes when i click the button that calls this line its works fine and sometimes it doesnt. this.router.navigate(['edit', id], ...

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I have an Expanded widget wrapped around a Listview.builder of Card. How can I make my card not only detect onTap but also pass variables to my new .dart file on Navigation. I’m currently getting a sizing error? Updated With Code Here is my code: new Expanded( ...

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I have an activity A that start activity B passing to it some intent data. Activity B host a navigation graph from the new Navigation Architecture Component.I want to pass that intent data to the startDestination fragment as argument how ...

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I’m trying to use the new navigation component. I use a BottomNavigationView with the navController : NavigationUI.setupWithNavController(bottomNavigation, navController) But when I’m switching fragments, they are each time destroy/create even if they were previously used. Is there a way to keep alive our ...