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I had to migrate to the newest angular version. After that, karma tests stopped working and just keep crushing with an error log: 14 04 2018 14:17:00.453:ERROR [preprocess]: Can not load “@angular-devkit/build-angular”, it is not registered! Perhaps you are missing some ...

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I’m testing a component which subscribe router params. Every test pass and everything works fine. But if I look in the console, I can see an error: Error during cleanup of component ApplicationViewComponent localConsole.(anonymous function) @ context.js:232 Do you know why this ...

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I have angular 2 webpack application, all webpack,karma configuration created as per webpack guide. I am not using aot. I am writing jasmine unit test spec to test my components. First I tried without async block, in that case ...

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I’m developing a github repository (with angular 7 and angular-cli), and I have some tests with Karma and Jasmine working in the master branch. Now I’m trying to add lazy loading feature, the thing is, that the tests that before passed, now ...