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So, I just reinstalled the HAXM. Anow now another problem occurs. Please checkout image second and third. 6:54 PM Emulator: Reason: Invalid argument 6:54 PM Emulator: coreaudio: Could not lock voice for audioInputDeviceIOProc

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On every build in Xcode i get this error. How can i fix it? I found this commit which should fix it but nothing happened. static BOOL RCTParseUnused(const char **input) { return RCTReadString(input, "__unused") || RCTReadString(input, "__attribute__((__unused__))") || ...

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Yesterday I managed to run the command expo build:ios successfully but this morning it just won’t work, I get the following error message after entering my credentials: Trying to authenticate with Apple Developer Portal... Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed! Reason: Unknown reason, ...