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I have been using Ionic Framework for a while but I have recently come across this error plugin_not_installed for the Health Kit plugin which I know I have based on my ionic cordova plugin list output. $ ionic cordova plugin list > cordova plugin ls com.telerik.plugins.healthkit 0.5.5 ...

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I have an Ionic page which is querying FirebaseListObservable to make dynamic searching on ion-searchbar. It works well with Angularfire2roshankathiriya.0.0-rc.0 and firebaseroshankathiriya.5.0. After upgrading new release AngularFire 5.0 I get an issue about FirabaseListObservable has no exported ...

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I am facing an issue when I try to build my app using the following command : ionic cordova run android --prod --release Everything runs fine if I run the command as below: ionic cordova run androidThe error Iam getting is : Error: Cannot ...