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I used “Ionic Loading Controller” to show a spinner until the data is retrieved then it calls “dismiss()” to dismissed it. it works fine, but sometimes when the app already have the data, the “dismiss()” is called before the “create()” ...

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i have tried in global.scss as ion-content{ background-image: url('assets/images/cover.jpg'); -webkit-background-image: url('assets/images/cover.jpg'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size:cover; } but this does not render the image. tried path as ./assets/images/cover.jpg as well. if i ...

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I am attempting to use some code I found on to my Ionic project. When I run the code I get an error Cannot find namespace 'NodeJS' and the error refers to touchTimeout: NodeJS.Timer; How can I adapt the code below to make the NodeJS.Timer line work? import ...