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After I am running ionic cordova build android I get this error: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.* What went wrong: Could not resolve all files for configuration ':debugCompileClasspath'. > Could not find runtime.jar (android.arch.lifecycle:runtime:1.0.0). Searched in the following locations: And it is ...

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If I follow this steps to create a new app: Rubens-MacBook-Pro:~ rlopez$ npm install -g cordova ionic Rubens-MacBook-Pro:~ rlopez$ ionic start myApp tabs Rubens-MacBook-Pro:~ rlopez$ cd myApp Rubens-MacBook-Pro:myApp rlopez$ ionic platform add [email protected] //6.1.x has a bug Rubens-MacBook-Pro:myApp rlopez$ ionic build android I get ...

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Ionic 5 was announced a few hours ago (12th Feb 2020) and I upgraded my one of the small production app to Ionic 5 along with Angular 9: # To update to Ionic 5 npm install @ionic/[email protected] @ionic/[email protected] --save-exact --save# To update to ...

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I am getting the following error suddenly while building Ionic 3 app for Android. Could not find org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk8:1.3.60-eap-25 We have one solution from Android Studio here but after I did change in my build.gradle with the following code I am still getting the ...