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I have a case of event bubbling. Example : <td (click)="doSomething()"> <text [innerHtml]="content"> // content of innerHtml is : <a href=""></a> </text> </td> The tag is rendered from another component through ...

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<!--HTML CODE--> <p #mass_timings"></p> //controller [email protected]('mass_timings') mass_timings: ElementRef; constructor(private domSanitizer:DomSanitizer) getInnerHTMLValue(){ this.mass_timings.nativeElement.innerHTML = this.domSanitizer.bypassSecurityTrustHtml(this.parishDetail.mass_timings);} but the output which the mass_timings is displaying is including the text:- Safe value must use [property]=binding at the beginning How to remove this string.