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For some reason I can’t get my images to show in my app. This is the error, tests and class: The error: GET http://localhost:4200/assets/image.png 404 (Not Found)<img class="logo" src="../../assets/image.png"> <img class="logo" src="../assets/image.png"> <img class="logo" src="assets/image.png"> //None of these work.logo { height: ...

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I would like to use a placeholder image file that I’ve added to my code as "assets/placeholder.png", but I’m getting a File not found error. This is how I’m doing it from the dartlang documentation… var bytes = await new File('assets/placeholder.png').readAsBytes(); String base64 ...

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I have star png image and I need to rotate the star using Flutter AnimationController and Transformer. I couldn’t find any documents or example for image rotation animation. Any idea How to rotate an image using Flutter AnimationController and Transform? UPDATE: class _MyHomePageState ...

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I try to do a button that open the camera and take picture. my code is here //for imports check on bottom of this code blockpublic class HomeProfileActivity extends AppCompatActivity { //Button camera public static final String TAG = HomeProfileActivity.class.getSimpleName(); public static final int ...