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I’m a newbie in Angular. I used angular-cli to learn about angular and I found the files tsconfig.json and Both of these are typescript related and I found this link useful. But why two such files has been used? Why can’t the configurations in these two ...

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I have simple navigation in angular 6 app, Here is HTML <nav class="main-nav> <ul class="main-nav__list " ng-sticky [addClass]="'main-sticky-link'" [ngClass]=" === true? 'Navbar__ToggleShow' :''"> <li class="main-nav__item"> ...

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I am working with Angular 6 project in which I have disabled/removed hash-location-strategy which removes # from URL. due to this change the link having: <li routerLinkActive="active"> <a [routerLink]="['/settings']">Contact Settings</a> <ul class="child-link-sub"> <li> ...