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I want to do something which is probably really simple however I can’t seem to figure it out. I integrated the Angular2+ Google Maps module to my Angular project ( Now I want to be able to replace the marker ...

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I am following Joshua Morony’s Getting Started with Google Maps in Ionic 2 video tutorial. I want to use google maps in my application and i end up with a typescript error. this is a part of the pages/home/home.ts file initMap(){ let latLng= ...

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How would I add a custom handler for tap events for Google Maps Marker (google_maps_flutter)? I can only see consumeTapEvents which doesn’t actually take in any functions but only bool. I’ve thought of using GestureDetector but doesn’t seem quite right. What is the standard way ...

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I’m facing the same issue as in Stack Overflow question “Google Play services are updating” in Google Maps API. Unfortunately, out of nowhere, some of my users are suffering this issue, as well as my own phone. On the other hand, ...