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I have a numpy array of numbers. Below is an example: [[-2.10044520e-04 1.72314372e-04 1.77235336e-04 -1.06613465e-04 6.76617611e-07 2.71623057e-03 -3.32789944e-05 1.44899758e-05 5.79249863e-05 4.06502549e-04 -1.35823707e-05 -4.13955189e-04 5.29862793e-05 -1.98286005e-04 -2.22829175e-04 -8.88758230e-04 5.62228710e-05 1.36249752e-05 -2.00474996e-05 -2.10090068e-05 1.00007518e+00 1.00007569e+00 -4.44597417e-05 -2.93724453e-04 1.00007513e+00 1.00007496e+00 ...