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I am working with Angular(6) application, and I am trying to use FA icons, and drop-down with no luck. I am successfully using FA(4) icons, like: <i class="fa fa-align-justify"></i>But <i class="fas fa-align-justify"></i> is not working. I am using following command to install FA: npm ...

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How do I use font-awesome 5 with Angular (2+)? I’ve tried adding this inside a component: import {faChevronLeft, faChevronRight} from '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free-solid'; import fontawesome from '@fortawesome/fontawesome'; ... constructor(){ fontawesome.library.add(faChevronLeft, faChevronRight); } and then in HTML: <span class="fa" [class.fa-chevron-left]="direction==='left'" [class.fa-chevron-right]="direction==='right'"></span> But this gives me a blinking question mark in a circle.