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when I’m trying to install “npm install ng2-file-upload –save” in my angular 4 application it throws UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY roshankathiriya.1.0 UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY roshankathiriya.1.0 `-- ng2-file-uploadkrunalPatel.2.1and upload is not working my applications throws “Can’t bind to ‘uploader’ since ...

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This issue occurs when updating the dependencies classpath from ‘’ to *’′ project-level build.gradle buildscript { repositories { google() ...

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Can anybody help why I am getting an error in the following? Error:(7, 41) No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘dialogCornerRadius’ with value ‘?android:attr/dialogCornerRadius’). apply plugin: ''//Add these lines def Base_URL = '"' + WEBServiceBaseURL + '"' ?: '"Define BASE ...

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I am using andorid studio 3.2 and I am new to testing. I want to add a testing library but I am not getting what should i write in the dependencies section testImplentation or androidTestImplementation. What is the difference between these two?