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I’m reading in user-provided input (in this case a zip code) from a TextField that I need to check against a database for validity. However, I need to make an asynchronous database query inside of the submit button’s (a RaisedButton in this case) onPressed: () ...

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In iOS, we have a UITabBarController which stays permanently at the bottom of the screen when we push to a new ViewController. In Flutter, we have a bottomNavigationBar of a Scaffold. However, unlike iOS, when we Navigator.push to a new screen, this bottomNavigationBar disappears. In ...

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Whenever i try to do an http call after about 20 seconds i get in console the folowing error: E/flutter ( 8274): [ERROR:flutter/shell/common/] Dart Error: Unhandled exception: E/flutter ( 8274): SocketException: Failed host lookup: '' (OS Error: No address associated with hostname, ...