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I migrate my project to AndroidX and I got these errors when building the project: [TAG] Failed to resolve variable '${project.groupId}' [TAG] Failed to resolve variable '${project.version}' [TAG] Failed to resolve variable '${project.groupId}' [TAG] Failed ...

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In my module, in my base Application class component = DaggerCompClassComponent.builder() .classModule(new ModuleClass()).build(); it can not find DaggerCompClassComponent. I have on module build.gradle apply plugin: '' ......................... apt '' compile '' provided 'javax.annotation:jsr250-api:1.0' and ...

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I am new to Dagger 2. I have 2 Activities, I want to use injected ViewModel for both. Here is my ViewModuleFactory : @Singleton public class ProductViewModelFactory implements ViewModelProvider.Factory {private final Map<Class<? extends ViewModel>, Provider<ViewModel>> creators;@Inject ...