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Inside of an RxJS subject’s subscribe callback, I want to await on an async function. Below is a code example which the typescript transpiler complains about saying: Error:(131, 21) TS2304:Cannot find name ‘await’. async ngOnInit() { this.subscriber = dateSubscription.subscribe((date: Date) => { ...

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I have an Angular component that gets a service CatalogServiceinjected: export class CatalogListComponent implements OnInit { catalog$: Observable<MovieResponseItem[]>; constructor(private catalogService: CatalogService) {} ngOnInit() { this.catalog$ = this.catalogService.userCatalog; } } This service returns an Observable<MovieResponseItem[]> on property userCatalog: @Injectable() export class CatalogService { ...

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I’m using the async.eachLimit function to control the maximum number of operations at a time. const { eachLimit } = require("async");function myFunction() { return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => { eachLimit((await getAsyncArray), 500, (item, callback) => { ...

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I was experimenting on using Node version 6.2.1 with some of my code. Had plans to migrate most of the hyper-callback oriented codes to something that looks cleaner and maybe performs better. I have no clue why, the terminal throws up an error ...