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In one component I can filter my array using the following: // Array of product objects const result = products.filter(p =>'val')); and value of products remains same as the first value but filtered value stores in result. But in the following code, filter() filters array of ...

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This question already has answers here: Sort array of objects by string property value (46 answers) Closed 2 years ago. I am getting an array of “product”s from a resolver getting data from a json endpoint. ngOnInit() { this.products =; console.log('products: ...

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Getting error while trying to check for empty array. I tried using: Case 1: By initializing as an array expect(fixture.componentInstance.dataSource).toBe([]); Case 2: By initializing as an array let expectedAry = new Array; expect(fixture.componentInstance.dataSource).toBe(expectedAry); Both the case have the same error: Expected [ ] to be [ ...

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I have array of two objects: genericItems: Item[] = []; backupData: Item[] = []; I am populating my HTML table with genericItemsdata. The table is modifiable. There is a reset button to undo all changes done with backUpData. This array is populated by a service: getGenericItems(selected: ...