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I recently noticed a new file generated at <module>/release/output.json by Android Studio 3 Canary 1 each time I run Build -> Generate Signed APK..., which has contents that look like following. Can anyone confirm seeing this behavior as well? Or is it due to some local ...

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When I am trying to generate android apk by using ./gradlew installRelease, I get this error in console: ~/React-Native/mockingbird/android/app/build/intermediates/res/merged/release/drawable-mdpi-v4/src_resources_img_loading.gif: error: Duplicate file. ~/React-Native/mockingbird/android/app/build/intermediates/res/merged/release/drawable-mdpi/src_resources_img_loading.gif: Original is here. The version qualifier may be implied. I tried Build->Clean Project via Android Studio and ran ./gradlew installRelease again; it didn’t work either. Also, ...

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Trying to install app on real device following instructions:- At end Android Studio giving error: Session 'app': Error Installing APK I guess the problem probably can be in my android device(it is chinese Doogee X5). It does not have a ...

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As I am new in react-native so if there is anything wrong in steps let me know. I have build a react native android app using the command as per documentation react-native android while running on device the following command was used react-native run-android which ...