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Can’t fix this problem: app.component.ts import { AngularFire, AuthProviders, AuthMethods } from 'angularfire2';/angularfire2/index has no exported member 'AngularFire', /angularfire2/index has no exported member 'AuthProviders', /angularfire2/index has no exported member 'AuthMethods 'but in app.module.ts import { AngularFireModule } from 'angularfire2';works fine and I can initialize the ...

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I’m trying to retrieve my documents with id but can’t figure it out. Currently I retrieve my documents like this : const racesCollection: AngularFirestoreCollection<Races> = this.afs.collection('races'); return racesCollection.valueChanges();I do get my documents list perfectly, however there is no doc id with them. How ...

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i need your help, i’m trying to display some datas from my firebase but it trhows me an error like InvalidPipeArgument: '[object Object]' for pipe 'AsyncPipe'. There is my service: import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; import { AngularFireDatabase } from 'angularfire2/database';@Injectable() export class MoviesService ...

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I’m learning Angular looking for help in fixing the error: I’m following this link : to create a angular small app with angular2 and angularfirestore2 but when I hit ng serve I am getting the below error in browser console.. StaticInjectorError[AngularFirestore]: ...