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import { Component, Input, OnChanges } from '@angular/core';@Component({ selector: 'image-display', templateUrl: './image-display.component.html' }) export class ImageDisplayComponent implements OnChanges { @Input() image: File; @Input() imagePath?: string;private fileReader: FileReader;constructor() { }ngOnChanges() { ...

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I am trying to pass config data into a custom library in Angular. In the users application, they will pass some config data to my library using forRoot // Import custom library import { SampleModule, SampleService } from 'custom-library'; ...// User provides their config const CustomConfig ...

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I’m trying to build angular2 application for production for that I’m following this blog. After my ngc successful compilation when the tsc compilation takes place it generates below error shown in the image: After searching for a while I found this blog which explains the problem in “The context ...