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Ionic 5 was announced a few hours ago (12th Feb 2020) and I upgraded my one of the small production app to Ionic 5 along with Angular 9: # To update to Ionic 5 npm install @ionic/[email protected] @ionic/[email protected] --save-exact --save# To update to ...

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Hi I am trying to figure out how implement the new angular interceptors and handle 401 unauthorized errors by refreshing the token and retrying the request. This is the guide I have been following: I am successfully caching the failed requests and ...

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I’ve been looking to understand those 3: Subject, Behavior subject and Replay subject. I would like to use them and know when and why, what are the benefits of using them and although I’ve read the documentation, watched tutorials and searched google I’ve failed ...

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Here’s what I have in fruit.ts export type Fruit = "Orange" | "Apple" | "Banana" Now I’m importing fruit.ts in another typescript file. Here’s what I have myString:string = "Banana";myFruit:Fruit = myString; When I do myFruit = myString; I get an error: Type ‘string’ is not assignable ...

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I tried to run a project downloaded from github. Unfortunately, during npm install the following warnings were shown. I tried to change the version based on this question. However, I had a problem, because some packages require multiple versions other packages. Consider ...