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Hi I am implementing a form in angular 2 using Form Builder in component.ts i have implemented my form using formGroup Below is My code public myForm: FormGroup;constructor(private authenticateservice: AuthenticateService, ...

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I have tried to confirm the password with password value. I have done as per Async validator standard. But I am wondering it’s not working and throw me the following error. Please tell anyone how to solve this error. Expected validator ...

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I have a FormGroup defined like below: this.businessFormGroup:{ 'businessType': ['', Validators.required], 'description': ['', Validators.compose([Validators.required, Validators.maxLength(200)])], 'income': [''] })Now when businessType is Other , I want to remove Validators.required validator from description. And if businessType is not Other, I want to add back ...

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In my Angular 4 app, I have a form with several controls. At some points I need to force the update of their validity, so I’m doing: this.form.get('control1').updateValueAndValidity(); this.form.get('control2').updateValueAndValidity(); this.form.get('control3').updateValueAndValidity(); // and so on.... and then: this.form.updateValueAndValidity(); this works fine. However I was wondering if there is a better ...

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I’m trying to implement a custom validator to check if the password and password confirm are equal. The problem is that the validator is getting undefined password and confirmedPassword parameters. How do I make this work. The function works cause ...