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I’m having an issue with routing to a route with query params I have a function like so goToLink(link) { this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`, { queryParams: this.sortParams(link)}]); } and this function sortParams(link) { let queryParams = url.split('?')[1]; let ...

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I’m upgrading from Angular 4.0.0 to Angular 5.2.6 i’m facing some problem to get lazy module loading working. with angular 4.0.0 , it works fine , but now , with 5.2.6 , i getting such an error when clicking my redirecting button : core.js:1448 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: ...

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I have an Angular2 application with one router outlet that displays different components depending on which link is clicked in a side menu. The markup for the main component containing the <router-outlet> looks like this <div *ngIf="authenticated == false"> <app-login></app-login> </div> <div *ngIf="authenticated"> <div ...

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I am new to angular 4. What I’m trying to achieve is to set different layout headers and footers for different pages in my app. I have three different cases:Login, register page (no header, no footer)routes: [‘login’,’register’]Marketing site page (this ...

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Is there anyway to send data as parameter with router.navigate? I mean, something like this example, as you can see the route has a data parameter, but doing this it’s not working: this.router.navigate(["heroes"], {some-data: "othrData"})because some-data is not a valid parameter. How ...