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I want to use the datePipe in my component. I followed the instructions here but I am met with Error: StaticInjectorError[DatePipe]: StaticInjectorError[DatePipe]: NullInjectorError: No provider for DatePipe!Here is my code: Component import { DatePipe } from '@angular/common';export class LivePreviewComponent implements OnInit{ ...

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When using the Angular keyvalue pipe to iterate over an object’s properties as follows: <div *ngFor="let item of object | keyvalue"> {{item.key}}:{{item.value}} </div> I have experienced an issue where the properties were not iterated in the order expected. And this comment suggests that ...

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Pipes are filters for transforming data (formats) in the template. I came across the pipe() function as below. What does this pipe() function exactly mean in this case? return this.http.get<Hero>(url) .pipe( tap(_ => this.log(`fetched hero id=${id}`)), catchError(this.handleError<Hero>(`getHero id=${id}`)) );