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Looking at the Angular Material documentation, they recommend using a -theme file per component to manage applying any theme-related styles to a specific class. From my perspective, some downsides to this approach are:quite verbose splits up the style into two different locations all your frontend ...

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As you may know from angular material docs, mat-expansion-panel have @Output named “opened”, that is emitted when the accordion item is opened. I want to catch that opened event and identify which panel was opened. But this simple code (below) always ...

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I want to prevent from the user to click outside the modal dialog and he only can press on the button to exit from the dialog. how can I do that? dialog.component.ts ngOnInit() {const dialogRef =; dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => { console.log(result); }); } dialog-result.component.ts ...

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I would like to implement an autocomplete using Angular 2+ with angular material design where the options should not appear unless they’ve typed at least 1 letter. By default, the autocomplete is toggleable on focus even when the input is empty, so ...

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I have a md-table showing some records and a paginator below. I want to show a fab button on the table (the table of content would run under it). What I tried? I tried <a md-mini-fab routerLink="." style=""><md-icon>check</md-icon></a> inside the <md-table #table [dataSource]="dataSource" mdSort> ...