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You need to apply the limit to the retry signal, for instance if you only wanted 10 retries: loadSomething(): Observable { return this.http.get(this.someEndpoint, commonHttpHeaders()) .retryWhen(errors => // Time shift the retry errors.delay(500) // Only take 10 items .take(10) // Throw an exception to signal that the error needs to be propagated .concat(Rx.Observable.throw(new Error(‘Retry limit exceeded!’)) ); EDIT Some of the commenters asked how to make sure that the last error is the one that gets thrown. The answer is a bit less clean but no less powerful, just use one of the flattening map operators (concatMap, mergeMap, switchMap) to check which index you are at. Note: Using the new RxJS 6 pipe syntax for future proofing (this is also available in later versions of RxJS 5). loadSomething(): Observable { const retryPipeline = // Still using retryWhen to handle errors retryWhen(errors => errors.pipe( // Use concat map to keep the errors in order and make sure they // aren’t executed in parallel concatMap((e, i) => // Executes a conditional Observable depending on the result // of the first argument iif( () => i > 10, // If the condition is true we throw the error (the last error) throwError(e), // Otherwise we pipe this back into our stream and delay the retry of(e).pipe(delay(500)) ) ) return this.http.get(this.someEndpoint, commonHttpHeaders()) // With the new syntax you can now share this pipeline between uses .pipe(retryPipeline) }

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I currently define “LOCALE_ID” on “en-US” this way: @NgModule({ providers: [{ provide: LOCALE_ID, useValue: "en-US" }, ...], imports: [...], bootstrap: [...] })and it works pretty well. However, in order to test how dates ...