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I am using webpack in angular2 and when i try to run my app i get an error stating Cannot find module “@angular/animations” package.json { "name": "angular-quickstart", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "QuickStart package.json from the documentation, supplemented with testing support", ...

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What is the bare minimum and Angular4‘s native way to slide in and slide out a container element? e.g. <div ngIf="show"> <!-- Content --> </div> Slide In Content (from top to down just like jQuery.slideDown()) when show turns to true. Slide Out Content (suitably with ease-out effect) when show turns to false.

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  I upgraded an Angular 4 project using angular-seed and now get the error Found the synthetic property @panelState. Please include either “BrowserAnimationsModule” or “NoopAnimationsModule” in your application. How can I fix this? What exactly is the error message telling me?