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According to LiveData documentation: The LiveData class provides the following advantages: … Always up to date data: If a Lifecycle starts again (like an activity going back to started state from the back stack) it receives the latest location data (if it didn’t already). But ...

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In recent Android Architecture Components library released by Google, we have two static functions in the Transformations class. While the map function is straight forward and easily understandable, I am finding it hard to properly understand the switchMap function. The official documentation of switchMap can be found

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My understanding on LiveData is that, it will trigger observer on the current state change of data, and not a series of history state change of data. Currently, I have a MainFragment, which perform Room write operation, to change non-trashed data, to trashed data. I also another TrashFragment, which observes ...

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What is the difference between those 2 methods of the LiveData class? The official doc and tutorial are pretty vague on that. In the map() method the first parameter called source but in the switchMap() it called trigger. What’s the rationale behind that?

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What is the correct way to handle database + network on the Paging library from Architecture components, using an API that uses page + size to load a new page and the BoundaryCallback class? Research and explanation Currently the class BoundaryCallback used in the paging ...