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I want to schedule nightly database updates. So I use new Android WorkManager. My understanding is that once scheduled it will always run in the background independently from the app’s lifecycle. Is that right? My first tests show that Work ...

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I am using the new Navigation component from Android Jetpack. The root Activity setup is quite simple: override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.activity_main) setSupportActionBar(toolbar)val navController = findNavController( ...

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I want to change my starting point in navigation graph to fragment 2 right after reaching it (in order to prevent going back to fragment 1 when pressing back button – like with the splash screen). This is my code: navGraph = navController.getGraph(); navGraph.setStartDestination(; navController.setGraph(navGraph); But, obviously it’s not ...

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Edit: This question is a bit out of date now that Google has given us the ability to scope ViewModel to navigation graphs. The better approach (rather than trying to clear activity-scoped models) would be to create specific navigation graphs for the right ...

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I am using Navigation from Android Jetpack to navigate between screens. Now I want to set startDestination dynamically. I have an Activity named MainActivity And two Fragments, FragmentA & FragmentB. var isAllSetUp : Boolean = // It is dynamic and I’m getting this from ...