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First thing first, Using Android Studio 2.3.3 Problem: My emulator screen is covering the only partial amount of screen available for emulator, i.e top left of the emulator and rest part is just a black screen. See the pic I have attached. Things I tried: 1) Restarting emulator 2) ...

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So, I just reinstalled the HAXM. Anow now another problem occurs. Please checkout image second and third. 6:54 PM Emulator: Reason: Invalid argument 6:54 PM Emulator: coreaudio: Could not lock voice for audioInputDeviceIOProc

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I have just updated emulator 26.0.3, now I cannot run adb root command for new created emulator. the error shown is below: adbd cannot run as root in production builds I have killed and restart adbd like: adb kill-server adb devices Nothing helps, any ideas? I am not sure what is ...