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I am using the new Navigation component from Android Jetpack. The root Activity setup is quite simple: override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.activity_main) setSupportActionBar(toolbar)val navController = findNavController( ...

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I’ve been following the docs from Navigation Architecture Component to understand how this new navigation system works. To go/back from one screen to another you need a component which implements NavHost interface. The NavHost is an empty view whereupon destinations are swapped in and out ...

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I want to change my starting point in navigation graph to fragment 2 right after reaching it (in order to prevent going back to fragment 1 when pressing back button – like with the splash screen). This is my code: navGraph = navController.getGraph(); navGraph.setStartDestination(; navController.setGraph(navGraph); But, obviously it’s not ...

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I have an activity A that start activity B passing to it some intent data. Activity B host a navigation graph from the new Navigation Architecture Component.I want to pass that intent data to the startDestination fragment as argument how ...

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I am using Navigation from Android Jetpack to navigate between screens. Now I want to set startDestination dynamically. I have an Activity named MainActivity And two Fragments, FragmentA & FragmentB. var isAllSetUp : Boolean = // It is dynamic and I’m getting this from ...