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Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar is not compiling in styles.xml. I have added compile '' in app module’s build.gradle.  I have searched for solution in google. A lot of them are about changing the classpath in Project’s build.gradle.Still its showing the same error. build.gradledependencies { ...

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Constant USE_FINGERPRINT was deprecated in API level 28 and we should use more generic USE_BIOMETRIC which has been added in same API level. I swap these constants in my Manifest and I’m getting error when calling FingerprintManagerCompat.from(context).isHardwareDetected(). Error is: Missing required permission – USE_FINGERPRINT This happens because of @RequiresPermission("android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT") annotation in FingerprintManagerCompat in 28.0.0-rc3 ...

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Since today, Android Studio can’t find the AppCompat themes in styles.xml, but for example AppCompatActivity in code does get recognized. My Android Studio version is 2.2.2, Build #AI-145.3360264 I already tried upgrading to the latest build tools, compile sdk (25) version ...