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Constant USE_FINGERPRINT was deprecated in API level 28 and we should use more generic USE_BIOMETRIC which has been added in same API level. I swap these constants in my Manifest and I’m getting error when calling FingerprintManagerCompat.from(context).isHardwareDetected(). Error is: Missing required permission – USE_FINGERPRINT This happens because of @RequiresPermission("android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT") annotation in FingerprintManagerCompat in 28.0.0-rc3 ...

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I’ve got a music player which attempts to start a Service in onResume() of an Activity. I’ve removed a few lines for clarity, but the code is effectively: @Override protected void onResume() {According to the crash logs, this is throwing an Exception on some devices running Android ...

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From Android 9 Pie now, requests without encryption will never work. And by default, the System will expect you to use TLS by default.You can read this feature here So if you only make requests via HTTPS you are safe. ...